Your local specialist directories

Welcome to the 2017 Bayside GPs Specialists Directory.

Already you will have noticed that we look different. After ten years on the same software platform, we have completely upgraded the look and feel, as well as the functionality and security of the website. We trust you like the new appearance as well as the simplicity of operation.

Subscriptions now run on a calendar year basis from 1 January to 31 December. In 2017, members who do not list by 28 February 2017 will not be published in the 2017 print version of the Directory. Renewals and Opt-out Notices for 2018 will go out in November 2017.
What else is new?
  • We have changed the way in which you can promote your services by adding a Group Practice option as well as our current individual practitioner listings. This makes it easier and more cost effective to promote your practice with multiple specialists.

  • We have streamlined the payment gateway by having an opt-in system for renewals in 2017. This means we will update you automatically. You will be alerted a month before we bill you, so you can opt-out and you will be sent your copy invoice.

  • Please note that cheques are being phased out. Please ring the Help Desk to discuss cheque payments.

  • Specialists searches are now randomised so your entry will be in a different hierarchy every time a GP does a search for you or your clinical specialty.

We have also updated the Bayside GP Directory, and the Bayside Pharmacies Directory. These will be available in January 2017 by clicking the icons above.