Why shouldn’t I just use the Yellow Pages?

There are good reasons for businesses to advertise through the Yellow Pages. But Medical Specialists are not ‘ordinary businesses’!

The proposition behind the Yellow Pages is simple – advertise and you will be found – found by the thousands of people who seek a business’s services.

So if you need a plumber, try the Yellow Pages, if you even need a GP, try the Yellow Pages. It’s that simple, when the masses are looking for a direct service, they know where to find it

For specialists it’s very different.

Firstly Mr or Mrs Citizen don’t deal directly with the majority of specialists, they go through their GP – so a listing in the Yellow Pages to solicit direct patient business from the general public is not a sound return on investment. Therefore 99% of the cost of the insertion is irrelevant to you and more importantly, irrelevant to your target audience.

Secondly, your target audience is local GPs. They don’t use the Yellow Pages to find a Specialist. On the contrary, they use their personal directory or the practice directory, whether it be a paper directory or a personal address book.

Thirdly, the cost effectiveness of paying thousands of dollars for generic database listing that doesn’t necessarily hit the mark is extravagant, expensive and doesn’t reach the very people you want to target.

Lastly, the Medical Specialist Directory provides much more detail than the Yellow Pages. Detail which is proven to be useful to GPs including, where you practice, which hospitals you work at, what types of patients you take, how you charge patients, your particular expertise or interests and – it’s all searchable.